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Big Shots Sports Bar

Watch sports at Big Shots
Just a few reasons to come to Big Shots!

Big Shots Sports Bar is located in Iselin, NJ and it is one of the best sports bars in the state!  Some of you may think, “Hey, a sports bar is a sports bar!”, but you would be mistaken.  Sure, there are a lot of bars that have a few Flat Screen TVs, cheap beer, wings, and a pretty bartender or two but Big Shots has so much more than that!  You do not have to take my word for it though and I urge you to gather your friends together and have a blast with the Big Shots crew!

Big Shots sets itself apart from the competition by providing multiple atmospheres for its guests, excellent service by BEAUTIFUL (very beautiful) staff members, live music by top DJs and bands, delicious food and drinks, a venue to watch premium sporting events like the UFC, special theme nights to keep things interesting from week to week, and most importantly, Big Shots shows appreciation for its customers by rewarding them for their loyalty to the establishment in various ways throughout the year.  All of these things come together to form a synergy that is quite hard to find at other sports bars!

Big Shots
One of the best sports bars in the State of NJ!

Let me describe the layout of Big Shots for those of you that have not been able to experience it for yourself.  You will find the main bar right when you walk through the front door.  Head towards the back of this room and up a few steps and you will come to a private section that can be reserved for special events.  If you stay on the main level and keep walking around the bar, you will see a door that will lead you to the basement and also the outside.  When you walk through the door, there will be a set of stairs that will take you to the lower level that is equipped with another bar that is used for various events on certain nights.  If you walk past where the steps are and look to your right, you will come to another door that leads to a party-goer’s paradise known as the patio which is always jumping during the warmer months.  A night at Big Shots never gets boring because there are so many different areas available for your entertainment and the outside is perfect because you can get some fresh air while you enjoy a cocktail or two under the stars with all of your friends!

Here are some pictures from the patio taken during the Beach Weekend Bash!

[nggallery id=37]

Big Shots is a leader in the industry when it comes to mixing things up and keeping the crowd interested and coming back for more.  This is accomplished by having theme nights each week in which the staff members dress up and really get into character by wearing certain gear, make-up, or costumes from time to time.  Some memorable themes include bikini night, a circus theme, sexy school girl night, and more!  Sports fans will also notice that the staff members will be wearing some of their favorite players’ jerseys during sporting events and particularly for football. THE NFL is HUGE here so arrive early to make sure that you will have a seat for the games. It is always a nice surprise to see what the specific vibe or theme of the night will be when you go to Big Shots and that is another reason why going there never gets old because there is always something new to see!


In addition to the theme nights, Big Shots has weekly events that try to appeal to everyone.  You will find some very popular local bands perform live on the patio and also some really great DJs spinning some of the hottest tracks of past and present to keep you dancing!  Big Shots also has one of the best MCs in the area and he keeps the crowd pumped up and creates a high-energy atmosphere throughout the night.  One of the biggest weekly events is on Tuesday because draft beers start at 50 cents and increase by 25 cents every hour until midnight so you do not want to miss that!  Big Shots recently introduced Poker Nights on Wednesdays for those of us that like to go “All In” during the week.  As you can see, there are many reasons why Big Shots is at the top of the list of places to have an incredible time and there will always be something new in the works to keep us, the customers, extremely satisfied!

For directions to Big Shots, you can refer to the map below so get over there now!

[mappress mapid="15"]

Giving back to the community is another thing that Big Shots is well-known for and there have been a variety of charity events hosted there and off the premises.  Big Shots has held raffles in order to benefit veterans, those who have lost their lives, or just members of the community that have fell upon hardship and needed a helping hand.  No one reason has ever been too small and Big Shots is always actively seeking to contribute to a worthy cause.  I think that this one particular aspect truly exemplifies what Big Shots is all about and that it is not only a bar but rather a pillar of the community in which it serves!

Big Shots is always a top choice for locals because of the friendliness and the hospitality that is provided by all of the staff members.  I always see the owner shaking hands with guests when they come to Big Shots to show his appreciation for their business.  Big Shots is a wonderful example of a company that always puts its customers first and keeps them as a priority.  I highly recommend that you check it out if you are looking for a place that will make you and your friends feel at home and you will soon become another happy member of the Big Shots family!

You can keep up to date with what is going on at Big Shots by checking out the website and “Liking” the Facebook Page!

Oh, I forgot to mention a few more things before I go…

20 WEST BALTIMORE STREET Baltimore, MD 21201

Miami Mike's Sports Zone

Miami Mike’s Sports Zone – East Hanover, NJ

Miami Mike's Sports Zone

If you love to watch sports or just want to go to a bar where you can relax and feel like part of the family, Miami Mike’s Sports Zone in East Hanover, New Jersey is the place for you!  Miami Mike’s is actually attached to the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center which makes it very convenient for those that want to party all night long and have somewhere to sleep after all is said and done.  The bar has a lively, fan-oriented atmosphere and the entire crowd gets into it!

As the name “Miami Mike’s” hints at, fans of the Miami Dolphins will feel quite welcome here; however, all fans are encouraged to come and enjoy themselves regardless of what team their loyalty lies with.  I am a very casual New York Giants fan but have also become a Miami Dolphins fan on the side just because of how exciting it is to come here for football and cheer with an entire group of “dolphans”!

I have been to Miami Mike’s on Sundays for NFL football on numerous occasions, twice for the annual Halloween Bash, and here and there in between and I always walk away being very satisfied.  This sports bar is not only perfect for watching football but it is a prime venue for watching any sporting event including the UFC, WWE, and boxing!  The man who runs the show is, you guessed it, Miami Mike, and the energy that he creates is what keeps the crowd pumped up throughout the entire day and also into the night.  Sports fans, it is a must that you check out Miami Mike’s if you are ever in the area so that you can see what it is all about.  I live about forty minutes or so away and it is totally worth the time it takes to get there AND the wear and tear on my car!

Miami Mike’s Sports Zone has a bunch of different areas to watch the games so everyone will have an unobstructed view of what is going on.  On football Sundays, the televisions are labeled with the games that will be shown on them so you can grab a seat near the game that you want to watch.  Fans tend to flock to other fans of the same team and you will notice patches of jerseys that all look the same so just make sure that you choose a location next to some allies.  It is also recommended to get there early so that you can ensure that you will have somewhere to sit because the bar gets packed!

Miami Mike's Endzone

If you want to watch your favorite sporting event or team in style, you can even reserve a VIP section for you and your friends and it includes your choice of food, drink, and even leather couches so that you can be really comfortable!  This luxury suite also comes with a pretty big Flat Screen television dedicated to your group so that you will have front row seats for the action!

Miami Mike's Luxury Suite

Miami Mike does an excellent job of keeping everyone happy and civilized even though the rivalries on the field may be very tense.  You might hear a horn go off, a familiar chant start, or your favorite team’s song come on when someone scores or a big play happens because Miami Mike is always in control of the sound effects and microphone in the DJ Booth.  He will look for extra seats for you if you are standing, he will check in to see that your food came out just right, and most importantly, Miami Mike makes sure that everyone feels at home!

Miami Mike’s has a pretty extensive menu for a sports bar and offers all sorts of tasty treats along with a good variety of beverages.  There is even a concession stand that sells snacks such as pretzels, popcorn, corn dogs, etc. and this really makes you feel like you are at a sporting event.  The wait staff is extremely friendly and does a wonderful job of taking care of your needs during the games.  On Sundays, my friends and I will order a bunch of appetizers to start during the early games and then usually decide on getting an entrée after the first game is over and will end up staying until the sun goes down because time flies when you are having fun!  An added bonus is when the Miami Dolphins win a game, Miami Mike will usually bring out huge trays with free shots for those of age and everyone gets up and starts chanting, “Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins!”, and it is definitely a sight to be seen!

Miami Mike's Concession Stand

Here are some pictures of Miami Mike’s Sports Zone!

[nggallery id=46]

Miami Mike’s also has various other things throughout the year to keep guests entertained.  Karaoke, billiards, video games, and a mechanical bull have previously been spotted there so be on the lookout and check the website or “Like” the Facebook Page to keep up to date with the latest and greatest happenings and additions to the bar. There is even a computer station for those that want or need to see how their fantasy teams are doing so Miami Mike’s really has it all!

As you can see, Miami Mike’s Sports Zone is so much more than an establishment that serves beer and has some televisions to watch the games.  It feels more like you are with close friends than it does being at a bar with random people and everyone that goes there has the same mentality which is to just sit back and have a blast!  I have spotted celebrities and sports stars of past and present just hanging out at Miami Mike’s and it is always a pleasant surprise because you never know who might show up which is another perk about coming here!  I have seen football players, sitcom stars from back in the day, and a bunch of other famous people all come to watch the games or sign autographs.  Miami Mike’s was rated as a top sports bar in New Jersey and also in the United States and now I see why.  I highly recommend stopping in here one week to watch the games and I promise that you will be coming back for more and will soon be another loyal customer!

Game On!



Wet Republic Ultra Pool

Wet Republic Ultra Pool
Wet Republic Ultra Pool

One of the few things in this world that can compare to the high energy and excitement of Las Vegas nightlife is the ever-so-popular daytime pool party scene that the “702″ has become so well-known for.  Who wants to wait until the sun goes down to start having fun?  You probably guessed right. Not many of us!  The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino was a pioneer in realizing this and decided that Las Vegas needed an “Ultra Pool” where the majority of the party people who could not wait until nightfall would have somewhere to go and call their own and that is how Wet Republic came to be.  Fun in the sun, music from the best DJs around the world, beautiful people, VIP pampering to the max, A-List celebs, drinks galore, and heck, even a few pools if you want to take a dip to cool off from the hot Vegas sun is what helps to make this one of the best parties in town!

Lounge Area at Wet Republic
Lounge Area at Wet Republic

I went to Wet Republic on a Saturday in May of 2011 with a friend of mine when Audrina Patridge was celebrating her birthday and it was a great experience!  In order to avoid a huge hassle and wasting any of our precious time, I decided to purchase tickets online in advance and we quickly zipped past the several hundred anxious ”waiters” that formed an enormous line at the entrance.  Just keep this in mind when planning out your trip because every minute counts!

My friend and I were some of the first people inside and we quickly grabbed a drink at the bar and hit the pool before it started getting crowded.  We were able to scope out the entire area and there were daybeds, cabanas, lounge chairs, and bungalows surrounding the main pools.  The bar was opposite of where the cabanas were and this formed a nice little lounge area where you could dance to the beats coming from the DJ Booth nearby and sip on a refreshing cocktail while loving life!

For general information on Wet Republic, you can check out the website for MGM Grand and for more detailed information about events and special appearances, take a look at the website for Wet Republic Ultra Pool.

Party People at Wet Republic!
Party People at Wet Republic!

If you would like to attend some more pool parties when you are in Las Vegas, I highly recommend heading over to the Hard Rock on Sunday for their Rehab Party!



Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

I will start this review off by giving you an eleven-second sneak preview at what you will find at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas……….

* Make sure the volume on your computer is on “low” before you hit play, trust me.

[youtube width="550" height="400"][/youtube]

Now that you are awake and I have your attention, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this absolutely mind-blowing venue.  Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is one of the hottest clubs in the country and there are a number of reasons for this.  Marquee has multiple levels of entertainment, world-famous DJs, indoor and outdoor sections equipped with all of the nightlife amenities one could desire (and more), it is frequented by many celebrities, sports stars, and musicians, and it is all available for you to take advantage of!

Let me give you a quick breakdown of the setup of the club.  The first part I will talk about is the Boom Box Room.  This is a smaller room where you will find hip-hop music and fellow club-goers that are looking to get out on the dance floor and show off their skills.  This is where my night started and I was graced by the Notorious B.I.G.’s very popular “One More Chance” as I walked through the doors.  I grabbed a drink, danced for a couple of minutes, and kept it moving because I was anxious to see what else was in store for me.

After leaving the Boom Box room, I made my way to the main part of the club where the DJ was performing.  There are VIP areas for those looking to get bottle service and live the good life all around the dance floor.  If you have the money and do not want to be out with the masses bumpin’ and grindin’, reserve a booth so that you will have some extra room to kick back and enjoy the night.  There is also a humongous LED screen behind the DJ which adds a smorgasbord of visual effects and stimuli to satisfy any clubbers’ appetite.  If you look above the DJ, there is a catwalk where the dancers for the club strut up and down while performing to the crowd below and I thought that was a nice touch by the designers of the space.  If you need a break from the insanity (in a good way) of the main room, you can head upstairs to another semi-hidden room aka the Living Room.

The Living Room is a more intimate setting and good for anyone trying to take a beak from the madness out on the dance floor.  Let me first say that this is no ordinary living room by any means.  This one comes with another bar, a pool table, several cozy sections so that you can get to know your date a little better, bookshelves filled with material covering Las Vegas from top to bottom, yet another spot to pop bottles, and just an overall chill vibe.  Please do not forget to check out the Living Room while you are at Marquee because it is very interesting to say the least!

Here are some pictures from my night at Marquee!

[nggallery id=41]

You may think that this article was just about over, but if you refer to the title, you will notice that I did not even get to the Dayclub yet!  The Dayclub at Marquee hosts some phenomenal pool parties much like some of my other favorites such as Rehab, Wet Republic, and the Palms Pool.  I did not go during the day but I will talk about the actual area outside of the nightclub.

As you walk outside of Marquee Nightclub, you are hit with some spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding hotels.  There are some more bars out here and the energy is very intense.  The Dayclub has a few main pools and many private pools as well.  There is gaming out here, cabanas with all of the VIP essentials, and even bungalows for real high rollers which you can practically live in because they are several stories high and are completely pimped out!  The Dayclub alone is enough for me to want to come here and this combined with the three rooms inside makes Marquee one of my favorite nightclubs!

For a very in-depth look into Marquee, check out the website and take these great virtual tours of the Nightclub and Dayclub!

Before I leave you, here is another short clip of one of the hottest DJs out right now, Chuckie, performing on Friday the 13th!

[youtube width="550" height="400"][/youtube]

As you can see, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is so immense and all of the elements come together to form quite frankly one of the best places to party in the world!  For information about upcoming events and DJs, hours of operation, and more, check out the website for Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub!

I do have one final word of advice for anyone interested in going to Marquee.  I ended up purchasing pre-sale tickets to go see Chuckie which were relatively cheap and I was able to pretty much skip past everyone waiting without tickets.  To be honest, I bought tickets for two pool parties and another nightclub and my entire trip to Las Vegas was made ten times better because I did not have to wait on any lines at all.  If you do not know anyone that can get you on some sort of guest list and there are tickets available in advance, I would really consider buying them to avoid the hassle of having to wait for an extended period of time before getting in.

Marquee has all different lines for people who are waiting to get in the club and they are on various floors of the Cosmopolitan so make sure that you ask where you should be standing when you arrive.  My pre-sale tickets had me up on the third floor and I went in within minutes.  When it comes to clubbing at popular places, be smart and do your research so that you can just go out and have a blast without having to worry about any unwanted roadblocks.  I hope you enjoy Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub!

Another very beautiful bar at the Cosmopolitan is called The Chandelier and you can grab a quick drink before hitting up Marquee!


Chateau Nightclub

Chateau Nightclub & Gardens

Chateau Nightclub
Chateau Nightclub

Chateau Nightclub & Gardens is a beautiful venue that opened up in 2011 at Paris Las Vegas.  It features both indoor AND outdoor areas and several different types of experiences for guests to explore.  You will find fancy leather couches, multiple bars, luxurious chandeliers, a DJ Booth that overlooks the dance floor, and some VIP sections inside.  Chateau Nightclub & Gardens has something for everyone so make room on your itinerary so that you can see if for yourself!

If you want some fresh air, just take a few steps outside and you will be on the terrace that overlooks the famous Las Vegas Strip.  This terrace acts as a beer garden by day and it transforms into a hot spot for club goers as the sun goes down.  You will be able to get some wonderful views of the Fountains of Bellagio while you are here so make sure that you bring your camera!  One of the reasons that I loved this part of the club was because you were able to sip a cocktail under the moonlight while dancing directly above the strip.  The scenery was just unbelievable and I truly had one of the best times of my life here!

Eiffel Tower
Great view of the Eiffel Tower

If you still are not satisfied, there is also another part of the club called Chateau Gardens and it is located directly under the Eiffel Tower and it gives guests another way to enjoy themselves.  You will find more VIP sections with cabanas and bottle service, a dance floor, and most likely, a great time so check it out when you are there!

Mix some French influence with a little Sin City swag and you will come up with Chateau Nightclub & Gardens.  The decor is sexy and so is the staff.  Spectacular views, beautiful people, and hospitality are what made this a top pick of mine.  I also really like when an establishment offers a few unique atmospheres for its guests so that you can move around from one to the next and things never seem to get boring.  Grab your friends and head over to Chateau Nightclub & Gardens for a night of classy indulgence!

For more information about the club such as pricing, upcoming events, and hours, take a look at the website!

Inside the club
Inside the club
Out on the terrace
Out on the terrace









Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit because there are just so many different exciting attractions, restaurants, and nightclubs to see!  I created this page with some more fun things to do in Las Vegas for your reference!



The Starboard

The Starboard

If you ever happen to visit Dewey Beach, Delaware and are looking for a party, head over to The Starboard and you will find one.  I would actually like to call this “party central” because no matter when you decide to go over there, you will have a blast!  The Starboard has both indoor and outdoor areas for you to chow down on some of their delicious food or have a few cocktails with some friends and also various games throughout its facilities to keep guests entertained.  All staff members that I encountered were extremely friendly and everyone seemed so laid-back and down to earth which was nice.  If you are looking for good times with good people, make sure that you check out The Starboard when you are in Dewey Beach!

For more information on The Starboard, click here!

The Starboard

I took a trip to Dewey with three friends of mine earlier this month and we stopped in The Starboard on several different occasions.  We started our trip off with some drinks during the afternoon on our first day, came back to dance the night away, and also had a nice breakfast there the next day.  The Starboard has multiple sections for you to move around from so it never gets boring and there is always something going on!

We ended up having breakfast at The Starboard on a Saturday morning and it was the perfect start to our day.  The hostess greeted us right away and sat us at one of the tables in the shade.  Our waiter came by after only a few moments and handed us our menus so that we could get down to business.  I chose the blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon and my friends went for the Eggs Delmarva which The Starboard is known for and they all said it was very tasty!  The food and service were both excellent and it was great to get some fresh air while we enjoyed our meals.


Last, but certainly not least, if you love Bloody Marys, you HAVE TO make your way to The Starboard’s world-famous Bloody Mary Smorgasbord!  Your waiter or waitress will bring you a cup of vodka and let you do the rest as you pick and choose from hundreds upon hundreds of different spices, hot sauces with hilarious names, and other veggies and interesting items for your one-of-a-kind concoction!  It may take you quite some time because there are so many ingredients but this is a necessity for anyone visiting Dewey that likes a good ol’ Bloody Mary or three! 

If you are in Dewey on a Sunday, try to pop in the Starboard for brunch because it is one of the best in town!

Here are some pictures from my visit to The Starboard!

[nggallery id=38]

If you are looking for some more fun in the sun, drive south to Ocean City, Maryland and discover what Seacrets has to offer!